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Non-photo blue pencil gone over with a 3H graphite pencil before inking and lettering.

My cancer team suggested they find someone for me to speak with someone about the trauma of cancer impacting my brain. It wasn't a diagnosis but my oncologist's assistant spent some time with me and used acronym PTSD as a possibility.

From our conversation, I learned that mental health (anxiety, trauma) in relation to cancer is something medical professionals do not know a lot about (yet). There is still much to research and, whatever is going on with my mental fatigue, strain, forgetfulness, clog, mood swings, avoidance behaviors, etc. is impacting my day to day. I share this because there is the direct dealing with the cancer (cutting it out, immunotherapy/medication, etc.) and there is also the addressing the difficulty our brains experience in processing and recovering from from terrifying intense emotional and physical experiences.

I am hoping to have this inked and posted sometime over the weekend so I can continue forward with the next sketches....

Non-photo blue pencil of Maurice Tillet project.

Working on showing how acromegaly thickened his bones.

Getting enough panels drawn so that I can ink 10 or so that demonstrate the story I am pulling together. Once I get ten inked panels, I'll put together a nonfiction comics proposal for publishers....

A few early pencils from the project I just started--a comics biography of wrestler Maurice Tillet who lived with acromegaly. They are not in any significant order. I have been drawing scenes using three core locations in his life Moscow, Paris, and Chicago.

Anticipating this project taking me a while...penciling it all out first with as few words as possible (hopefully zero)...then ink...then any words needed (if needed)...

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