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Call Your Doctor

Two weeks had passed and neither I nor my oncologist had heard from the insurance company that my treatment had been approved. Two weeks is the typical window I'm told--although approvals do come in more quickly.

As the two week mark crept up on me this week, family and friends reached out with personal stories of reaching out to their doctors.

Every story ended with something like "...and they made a call and they got it done."

So, my anecdote goes the same way. I started today without approval for treatment. I ended today with approval for treatment. And it didn't happen because I sat on my hands waiting.

Calling the health advocate our employer and benefits package retains for us was a huge help. The advocate I spoke with, Regina, got me the detailed information I needed to share with my oncologist. Within two hours of sharing that information with my oncologist, I had my approval and an appointment.

If you find yourself waiting for an approval, ask your doctor to make a call for you.


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