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From Doubt to Do

I can't name one Foo Fighters song. So, it stands to reason that my interest in Dave Grohl's book isn't from a fan's perspective. My impulse to pick up The Storyteller is threefold: a) memoir, b) artist, c) gratitude within the process.

I have been drawing comics from my reading notes because I feel a real respect for the mentor/mentee experience. Not so much a how-to...where to hold your fingers on the strings...but more of this is how I approach learning and growing...and it isn't necessarily smooth...and it only got done because I have generous, beautiful people around me.

Gratitude and sincerity helps me believe in people in general.

I know nothing about the Foo Fighters and maybe only a smidge more about Grohl after reading this book, but line I chose for this comic appeals to me because Grohl isn't suggesting crossing that bridge from doubt to magic is easy...or that crossing it automatically equals magic...but I process it as that chasm will always exist for every creator (and likely many more people beyond artists)...that crossing over from doubt to do is part of the deal part of the journey, and we likely have a better shot "to bridge those opposing emotions" as long as we have mentors beside and behind us.


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