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Journaling St. John

Spent a little time away with Karla this morning ritual over coffee and a stunning view was journaling fragments from our previous day.

It got me thinking about the language we use a lot when people take time away from their jobs (re-energize, recharge the battery) in the current 24-hour access we have assumed in our culture...and I want to push back on that language (re-energize, et al.).

I prefer "heal" over the other terms.

The act of healing (mind, body, spirit, soul) belongs to each one else.

I want to be the best I can be in all facets of my life...and I am discovering just how much our society has encouraged the American workplace, implicit permission, to hijack our health, mindset, and energy by infiltrating our time outside the office through the 24-hour accessibility of email...we are all always "on" unless we decide to not to be "on." As if a break, a vacation, a "mental-health day" is FOR the employer in as much as it is about the individual.

Take some of your time back, everyone.


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