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Stickers and a cover

In about a week these images will be available as stickers in my Etsy shop: BigChooch.

None of faces are real people; they are all just conjured up as I draw. However, I am still on a run of doodling some of the more common words I heard in my house and in my neighborhood in Philly as an adolescent.

I drew these to take a quick pause between some of the more detailed hathcing, crosshatching, and doodling that I have been engaged in recently with my diary and memoir comics.

Finally, I got a nice surprise yesterday when I learned that one of my pieces of art was chosen for a cover for an anthology of diary comics I submitted some work too. I drew a comic in the Fall after watching 7th-graders play wall ball during lunch. Sheer chaotic energy. One of those images was selected and is what you see below.


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